Wells Fargo Enhanced Identity Theft Protection

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Wells Fargo Enhanced Identity Theft Protection

Posted by Brunette Amou on Thursday, 13 February, 2020 15:08:14

N.A. ("we," "us," or "Wells Fargo"), offering a plan called Enhanced Identity Theft Protection, referred to as "EITP," and you, the end user of the EITP plan ("You" or "Your").

Wells Fargo expanded and enhanced the service in response to customer demand. "The original Identity Theft Protection provided customers a way to monitor their credit to help watch for signs of

If someone used your credit card without your permission, making you a victim of fraud or identity theft, contact your financial institution immediately. You may need to close your current account and open a new one to avoid further fraudulent charges. To protect your credit, find out if your credit card issuer offers email or text alerts.

Identity Theft Protection Member Login: Welcome to the most comprehensive service available on the market today to help you protect yourself from identity and credit fraud, threats to privacy, and misinformation. You've taken an important step in helping to protect yourself against identity

Wells Fargo launches new Enhanced Identity Theft Protection; automatically alerts customers when credit score changes or credit reports are accessed.

Wells Fargo's Identity Protection is essentially an optional "add-on" for account holders, and the package costs an additional $12.99 per month. It appears that the company had been offering an Enhanced Identity Theft Protection plan in the past for $15.99 per month, but the website no longer shows that as an option so it may have been discontinued.