Ionic 4 Wp Rest Api Login

RESTful API User Authentication with Node.js and AngularJS

Ionic 4 Wp Rest Api Login

Posted by Brazier Aimee on Sunday, 16 February, 2020 00:00:56

Wordpress Login / JWT Authentication for WP REST API Ionic Framework App (>=1.2.0) comes integrated with the JWT Authentication for WP REST API through the Wordpress Login Component in the Wordpress Module. The JWT Authentication extends the WP REST API using JSON Web Tokens Authentication as an authentication method.

WordPress REST API Version 2 ( or WordPress >= 4.7 core REST API) Ionic Framework App comes with WordPress REST API Version 2 Integration (/wp-json/wp/v2) (with WordPress >=4.7 you don’t need to install the plugin as this is coming in the core): WordPress Posts; WordPress Favorite Posts (Ionic Storage) WordPress Post

Summary. This is Part-1 of two post series. In this post, you will learn how to implement Wordpress Integration using Wordpress REST in Ionic 4 app. Part 2 of the series discusses how to build a WooCommerce REST API Mobile App in Ionic 4.🔥

• Creating custom post type in WordPress and expose its REST endpoints • Setting up the Ionic framework for use with your WordPress REST API • Showing quotes from the WordPress REST API custom endpoint and add details page • Authenticate a user using the WordPress REST API • Creating a new quote as the logged-in user • Updating and

Ionic and Wordpress Integration using Wordpress REST API. Let's build an Ionic app for your Wordpress site using Wordpress REST API! This ionic tutorial will show you how to communicate with the WP API in order to get your Wordpress posts, categories, comments. To enable a user to login

In this tutorial, we will build simple Login and Registration system using Ionic 4 Framework. This app is going to send and receive data from backend. We will implement HTTP API calls in this app.