Creative Acclaim is a look behind the curtain of creativity, exploring conventional mediums such as photography, music, film, fashion, literature as well as also shedding light on creativity and innovation in the world of everyday business and life. Because creativity isn’t limited to any field or profession, it lends itself to every task and opportunity.

Here I’ll publish celebrations of and conversations with amazingly talented and creative people, to share their story so that we may learn from their journey and apply it to our own experience.

Despite being an online publication, Creative Acclaim is based on the principles of slow journalism. I want it to be a worthwhile experience for the reader, to speak with you, without distracting ads and without noisy information. This is an independent editorial – every piece of writing comes from a personal perspective and the rate of publication is of one article per week so that the limited collection of thoughtful stories and visual storytelling published here can patiently inspire and truly be appreciated.